Real estate mediation, license n.º 11129

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Mino Perdigão

General Manager

We are a growing up company, but constant, that has known to fallow up with the necessary commitment and professionalism  the real estate market trends in the Algarve, in particular in the areas of Silves, Lagoa, Carvoeiro, Albufeira, Portimão and Galé. In the context of wider demands of quality and precision, that characterize the market of property management and tourist incoming, Interreal has managed to avenge using the best arguments in his 20 years of experience in the region in a range that includes 40 villas and 40 condominiums.

Our staff has experience to the point that the following languages, Portuguese, German, English and French, are daily used in our company, a fact that allows us complementary to offer support to residents in the areas of translations, attorney for resolving issues in official’s organizations, authorities, finances etc. We in offer in general all kind of support you could want and that only a long experience can provide. Our manager worked in tourist functions during 14 years in Germany.
Real estate license n.º 11129

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